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Olivia Rodrigo and Louis Partridge have been quietly facing dating rumors for over a year.

Olivia Rodrigo’s BF Louis Partridge Opened Up About Dating Struggles

“She’s got it a lot worse than I have.”

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Turns out, the fact that ~love is embarrassing~ isn’t enough to keep Olivia Rodrigo single. On Dec. 14, 2023, the Guts singer went public with Louis Partridge, an actor best known for his role in Netflix’s Enola Holmes. Rumors surrounding the duo started over Halloween, but the romance was only confirmed in mid-December when they made out at a gas station rest stop.

Here’s a full breakdown of Rodrigo and Partridge’s relationship timeline so far.

August 2023: Olivia Dropped A Hint

Rodrigo slightly opened up about her dating life in her August 2023 Vogue cover story. When asked if she was single, she responded, “I don’t know! I don’t kiss and tell.”

But that same month, she referenced chatting to Brits via WhatsApp during an interview with Hits Radio. “WhatsApp is a very British thing. I’m learning [that] to talk to British people, I have to have WhatsApp,” she said at the time. (Partridge is British, BTW.) To be fair, she also created a channel on the app to connect with fans worldwide, so it wasn’t purely a romantic endeavor.

Oct. 31, 2023: Olivia & Louis Were Spotted Together

Rodrigo and Partridge were first spotted hanging out at the end of October, when they were photographed celebrating Halloween together in London. In a viral picture, the two were spotted hugging — not a surefire sign they were dating, but proof they were somewhat close.

Dec. 8-9, 2023: Louis Supported Olivia’s Live Performances

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When Rodrigo performed at Jingle Ball on Dec. 8, Partridge was in the crowd cheering her on. The “Vampire” singer even seemingly blew him a kiss mid-performance. Then, on Dec. 9, Rodrigo performed on Saturday Night Live. Afterward, both Rodrigo and Partridge were photographed at the SNL after-party.

Dec. 14, 2023: The PDA Began

On Dec. 14, TMZ and E! reported that Rodrigo and Partridge sealed their ’ship in a major way. Both outlets shared photos of the duo kissing at a gas station in New York City.

They looked super happy and really could not keep their hands off each other,” an onlooker told E!. “When he got out to pump gas, she got out just to embrace him and kiss him.”

Mar. 8 & 12, 2024: Louis Became Olivia’s Biggest Cheerleader At Her Guts Tour

Nearly three months after their gas station kiss, Partridge supported Rodrigo’s live performances again — this time, on her current Guts tour. On Mar. 8, fans spotted him singing along to “Deja Vu” at her show in Charlotte. He also appeared at her Mar. 12 stop in St. Louis, and even tipped his cup to fans who noticed him enjoying Rodrigo’s performance.

Mar. 17, 2024: Louis Slightly Lifted The Veil On His Relationship With Olivia

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Partridge opened up about his love life in British Vogue. He revealed that he prefers a private approach to dating. “Dating probably shouldn’t be done in the public eye,” he said. “There’s enough going on between two people. You don’t need the voices of thousands of others in your head.”

He also mentioned his dating method is ideal for someone of Rodrigo’s popular stature. “I think [Rodrigo’s] got it a lot worse than I have. I can be a bit of a normal person. She’s got tons and tons of eyes on her case,” he said. “If there’s a load of people nattering in a room about you, you can choose to put your ear to the door to hear what they say or not. I think you’re probably better off not letting curiosity get the better of you.”

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