Olivia Munn's "sending so much love" tweet to John Mulaney is a meme now.

An Old Olivia Munn Tweet About John Mulaney Is Now Twitter's Favorite Meme

Forget manifesting, we're Munnifesting now.

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Olivia Munn’s old tweet is becoming the best meme about manifesting. The celeb initially tweeted out some support to stand-up comedian John Mulaney back in December 2020, back when he was still married to Anna Marie Tendler. Flash forward to September 2021, and Munn and Mulaney are expecting a baby together. Because of the odd coincidence, fans on Twitter dug up the old tweet of Olivia Munn “sending so much love” to John Mulaney, and it’s officially the best meme of the moment.

The tweet in question showed Munn’s support for Mulaney when he entered a rehab facility due to an alcohol and drug relapse on Dec. 21, 2020, after 15 years of sobriety. Munn, who first met the comedian in 2013 at Seth Meyers’ wedding, tweeted support for his rehab stint. “Sending SO MUCH love and support to John Mulaney. You got this,” wrote the actor with a heart and lightning strike emoji.

It’s no secret that Munn was a bit starstruck with Mulaney from the get-go. In 2015, she told HuffPost Live she was "obsessed with hanging out with and talking to" Mulaney when she met him at Meyers’ wedding and also asked if he and his then-fiancé Anna Marie Tendler would want to have dinner and hang out. Afterward, she sent him an email, but he never replied. "I might've got the wrong email — probably," Munn added. "That's what I tell myself."

Mulaney checked out of rehab in February 2021, per People, and some months later, the comedian’s rep confirmed exclusively to Page Six that he had filed for divorce from his wife, Tendler. Mulaney and Munn began dating after meeting up in May 2021, before Mulaney announced on a Sept. 7 episode of the Late Night with Seth Meyers that he and the actor are expecting a child.

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Because of this odd coincidence and the pretty quick timeline for the couple’s whirlwind romance, fans are joking about Munn’s manifestation powers and trying to “Munnifest” their own dreams:

A ton of fans are using Munn’s tweet to try to manifest their own dream celeb partners:

Some fans are just asking for the simplest things, like an open parking space at the impossibly full Trader Joe’s parking lots:

Others have more complex dream plans:

BRB, time to do some manifesting like Munn, because that’s some straight-up magic.