'OITNB' Had The Perfect Response To Teen Who Trespassed On The Set

As if there weren't already enough reasons to love “Orange Is the New Black,” the show's official Twitter account released the coolest response to a teen trespassing on its abandoned set.

Upon learning the “OITNB” set was only 30 minutes from her house in Monroe, New York, 19-year-old film student Samantha Gardella decided to make a trip to the former Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center.

Visiting the set was easy because, for some crazy reason, there was no gate at the entrance, and once she got inside, none of the buildings were locked, which made it easy for Gardella to visit three times.

In fact, she told Huffington Post there were other fans "walking around checking out the set as well,” although she has since been "respectfully asked not to return to the set" without permission.

While she was there, she recreated scenes from the show by matching screenshots from the series with locations on the set.

Because of the large amount of positive recognition the photos received on Tumblr, the photos eventually caught the attention of the show.

In order to address Gardella's trespassing, it tweeted a perfect photo of a custom violation slip from the show's fictional prison.

I have to say, I think a shot is a pretty fair punishment in this case.

To the kid who snuck onto the #OITNB set: Game recognize game. http://t.co/pn8WjtaL5k pic.twitter.com/T6tEOWa67a — Orange Is the New... (@OITNB) July 2, 2015

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