Love Ranch Owner Reveals How Much Lamar Odom Spent On His Brothel Visit

by Gillian Fuller

New details continue to emerge of the apparent drug overdose of former NBA champion Lamar Odom.

Odom, who is fighting for his life at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, was found unresponsive in his VIP suite at the Las Vegas brothel, Love Ranch, on Tuesday afternoon.

Doctors say the 35-year-old had suffered multiple strokes caused by a drug cocktail that allegedly included cocaine, opiates and herbal sexual enhancement supplements.

Odom reportedly has severe damage to his heart, lungs and brain, in addition to apparent kidney failure, which was treated with dialysis earlier today.

Now, a witness to Odom's activities has shed more light on the events that landed the former Los Angeles Lakers forward in the hospital.

According to Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof, Odom shelled out $75,000 for a five-day stay at the desert brothel. The hefty price tag covered the cost of his VIP room, as well as the around-the-clock, no-questions-asked services of two female companions.

Hof told TV personality Wendy Williams,

You can spend as little or as much as you want [at Love Ranch]…Lamar wanted a long period of time. He gave the girls $75,000 but planned on being there a long time, at least five days.

Hof also confirmed Odom, Khloé Kardashian's estranged husband, had taken cocaine while partying in Vegas on Saturday but was unsure whether or not he continued to do so during his stay at the brothel.

Hof explained,

[Lamar] was very honest, he said, 'Ive been partying in Vegas. I had done some coke on Saturday. I didn't bring any with me out of respect to Dennis and his business.' I want to take him at his word, although we all know that drug addicts lie. I just hoped that he was honest and that wasn't the cause of it because he doesn't need his name ruined any more. He's a wonderful guy.

As his legal wife, Kardashian is responsible for making all medical decisions for Odom, who remains in critical condition with little hope for recovery.

Kardashian, along with Lamar's father, Joe Odom, ex Liza Morales and children Destiny and Lamar Jr, has remained by his side since he was first admitted into the hospital on Tuesday.

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