Lamar Odom Reportedly Has Successful Dialysis After Kidney Failure

by Eitan Levine

Doctors believe Lamar Odom went through a successful round of dialysis today, leading them to reportedly think he has an “OK” chance at survival after being admitted to a Nevada hospital on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, it was reported Odom had been going through kidney failure among the other damage to his heart and lungs.

It is believed damage to his kidneys is not the result of hypertension or diabetes, but rather caused by his alleged drug use.

If everything goes to plan, Odom's kidneys could repair themselves over time, though it could apparently be a few weeks or even months before doctors are able to asses the extent of the damage to his kidneys.

NY Daily News reports a hospital source said,

They were worried about his kidneys. They were failing today, but they gave him dialysis. His doctors think he could be OK. He is still critical, in ICU. So, anything can happen.

Over the next few days, doctors will continue to run a battery of tests, including MRIs, to determine his change of survival, which doctors reportedly believe is “50-50.”

Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall and Kris are all reported to be on site at the hospital and by his side.

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