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Nicola Just Sparked A Bridgerton Theory On IG & Had To Clarify

Y'all saw what that sticky note said, right!?

Nicola Coughlan seemed to spill all the tea in the Ton in a recent Instagram post. After Bridgerton superfans noticed a very suspicious Post-It note in the background of one of Coughlan’s behind-the-scenes shots, an already popular theory gained even more traction. But Coughlan took the time to calm the flames and suppress the theory by explaining the true meaning of that note.

In between Parts 1 and 2 of Bridgerton Season 3, Coughlan shared a carousel of cute photos taken on the set, including a shot of Luke Newton reading his script in the makeup trailer. But there was so much more to this pic. On the mirror in the background, fans spotted a sticky note with the name “Sophie” written on it. Immediately, Bridgerton fans read into the message, thinking Coughlan was sneakily teasing the direction the series was going to go in.

In the books, Sophie Beckett is a lead character in An Offer from a Gentleman, the novel focused on Benedict Bridgerton’s love story. Since the Netflix series has been adapting the books out of order, there’s been a lot of theorizing about which story will take center stage for Season 4, with Benedict’s, Eloise’s, and Francesca’s all seeming like potential options. With that Sophie mention in Coughlan’s pic, fans thought the star was hinting that the show was about to introduce Benedict’s love interest, confirming he’d be the star of Season 4.


However, it seems the note was a simple misunderstanding. When fans asked about the potential clue, Coughlan shut the rumors down by revealing the “Sophie” note was meant to mark makeup artist Sophie Burton’s station.


So, sadly Bridgerton fans are still in the dark about where the show is headed next, although it certainly feels like it’s about time Benedict got his spotlight. Then again, the series may make some big changes to Benedict’s book arc, especially in light of the new showrunner promising more “queer love stories” in future seasons and the show previously suggesting Benedict may not be straight.

Hopefully the Season 3, Part 2 finale will shed some light on what’s coming when it drops on Netflix on June 13.