Nick Jonas Opens Up About Why The Jonas Brothers Broke Up


It looks like Nick Jonas is getting pretty personal on his upcoming album.

Nick's latest music video was pretty emotional, so if that's any indication of where his music is headed, then you better grab some tissues.

Furthermore, Nick's new album Last Year Was Complicated will be released hand-in-hand with a seven-party docu-series about Nick's life as an artist since his days with the Jonas Brothers.

When you think about it, Nick really has come a long way. He went from being in a boy band to pursuing a career as a solo artist. He's also taking on acting roles, starring in several popular TV shows and now an upcoming movie.

He's also gotten, like, really f*cking hot. Take off your shirt, Nick. Just rip it off and burn it.

Sorry, I'm getting distracted. In terms of the documentary, Nick actually spoke about his time with the Jonas Brothers and reflected on the last few years of his life. He said,

It comes with layers of complication, I don't know how else to put it. I feel... among friends, I feel uncomfortable speaking about it because it makes it feel like I'm complaining about something that really was a success story.

He added,

But towards the end there was so much bias towards the brothers and the band… it was meant to happen and it ended, but there were probably... some issues that needed to be sorted out.

It sounds like Nick and his brothers, Joe and Kevin, went through some hard times back in the day. But, Nick's ready to fully open up about their experience and share what he learned along the way.

Be brave, Nick. Be brave.

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