Miss Minutes explains the Nexus in 'Loki'

This Tiny Detail in Loki’s Premiere Has WandaVision Fans Screaming

What is Loki if not WandaVision theories persevering?

by Ani Bundel
Marvel Studios

Disney+’s new series Loki introduced a new division to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: the Time Variance Authority. The new bureaucracy brought along several elements of the Marvel comics, which had (up until now) not been included in the Avengers stories, starting with the all-powerful Time Keepers. It also was a backdoor into something fans have been anticipating in Phase 4: The concept of multiverses. But when Miss Minutes started her explainer video to talk fans through the fourth dimension, ears perked up at one subject in particular: The Nexus. But what is the Nexus in Loki, and why did it sound familiar? Perhaps because fans had already seen a commercial for it in WandaVision.

Warning: Spoilers for Loki Season 1, Episode 1 follow. Let’s review what Miss Minutes teaches in her video. Long ago, there was a multiversal time war. In short, the different universes became aware of each other, and instead of living together in multiversal harmony, they went to war. (How human of them.)

The video does not explain who they are or where they came from, but to end this catastrophic destruction, the Time Keepers “appeared.” They then created the “Sacred Timeline,” i.e., the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as recounted in The Infinity Saga.

But when someone steps off that predetermined path, like Loki grabbing the tesseract, a new timeline is created. According to Miss Minutes, this divergence is called a “Nexus event.”

But Loki isn’t the first show fans have heard the word “Nexus” in. WandaVision did a whole advert for it in its 2000s-era Modern Family-style episode. Note that these Nexus pills “anchor you to your reality.... or the reality of your choice.” Also, note that you should not take Nexus unless your doctor “has cleared you to move on with your life.”

But where has your doctor cleared you to move on with your life? In the Sacred Timeline, hopefully, since the Minute Men hunt down anyone who steps off it. In WandaVision, some theorized this would prove that Westview would turn out to be an alternate timeline. That was wrong. But it does have fans asking if Loki and WandaVision tie together in a way we’ve never considered.

The theory that these two shows are connected might seem far-fetched at first. Loki is deliberately unmoored from the rest of the Sacred Timeline. The main character is a variant who has no reality to go home to. But considering he’s hunting another Loki, who’s to say he doesn’t decide to team up with himself and create a reality where multiple Lokis can live free?

If so, someone like Agent Mobius will need a Nexus being, someone who can force timelines to collapse back together once they’ve split too far apart. The Time Keepers most likely are Nexus beings, but, as Judge Ravonna Renslayer noted, they’re rather busy. On the other hand, Wanda is just hanging out at a cabin, cramming like she’s studying for finals. Could a crossover be in the works?

Fans will have to wait and see what happens when Loki starts properly hunting Loki in future episodes. New episodes of Loki debut weekly on Wednesdays on Disney+.