We Finally Know What Schmidt's Real Name Is On 'New Girl' And It's Super Random


The mystery that has plagued "New Girl" fans for six years was finally solved on Tuesday night: We finally know Schmidt's first name! And I'm pretty sure nobody would have guessed what it was.

In the penultimate episode of season six, Cece encourages Schmidt to start using his full name now that he's a grown businessman and not some frat boy.

What she didn't know was that bringing up Schmidt's real name would lead to a huge brouhaha among the guys, because Schmidt's first name is Winston!

Yep, he and Winston share the same name, which is why he hasn't used it since college. Cue a flashback to Schmidt, Winston and Nick screaming at each other in their college dorm, trying to find a way to clear up the confusion of having two Winstons in their group.

After a very heated fight, the man whom fans know as Winston — Winston Bishop — ended up winning the right to use his real name, leaving Schmidt to be known only by his last name. Until now, that is. In the new episode, Schmidt confronts Winston over taking back his first name, which brings up that old fight all over again.


While they're still fighting over the Winston name, we also find out Schmidt's middle name, which is equally as surprising as his first: St. Marie. Winston St. Marie Schmidt — we finally know his full name, and what a name it is!

But thankfully, fans of the show won't have to stop calling Schmidt "Schmidt" anytime soon. Though Winston does concede the win(ston) to Schmidt, the newly-dubbed Winston almost immediately realizes how unsettling it is to hear Cece call him Winston in bed, and gives the original Winston his name back.

And thank God he does, otherwise we'd be calling him The Bish for the rest of the series and that name really didn't sit well with me.

Now the only mystery left for the series to solve is when the hell are Jess and Nick going to get back together!?

It sure seems like the central romance is going to get back on track in next week's finale, since Nick just dumped Regan (Megan Fox) and Jess has come to terms with the fact that she loves Nick, but we'll just have to wait and see!