New 'American Horror Story: Cult' Teaser Is All Your Worst Nightmares Combined


"What's the thing that scares you the most?" asks the new American Horror Story: Cult teaser. The answer? Um, basically, everything we're looking at in this clip. AHS: Cult is gearing up to premiere on Sept. 5, and all the visuals we've seen so far are pretty much terrifying. The show tweeted out another clown-filled nightmare of a mini-trailer this week and it's giving us a serious case of the jitters.

Let's dissect the imagery, shall we? There's been a recurrence of snippets and photos featuring a band of eerily homogenous looking clowns, and now we're seeing them in all their extended petrifying glory. They scream in unison and begin to worship at the feet of what looks to be a woman with a hexagonal figure on her back. Cultish, indeed. Cut to more clowns (and a baseball bat) in a bus pumped up and ready to do... whatever horrific stuff they're gonna do. Then we see a woman screaming in terror because, duh. Cut back to more synchronized scary clown movements set to techno. They point up to the sky in tandem. The images speed up and we are left with, what else? A screaming Evan Peters as his blue-haired character, Kai. Yikes.

The last few moments focus on Sarah Paulson's main character, Ally Mayfair-Richards, lying in bed. She asks, panting, "Ivy, did you hear that?" Aaaaand, there are clowns at the door. We are all Ally. Now I'm never going to sleep again.

AHS: Cult will tap into the nature of our phobias in some disturbing ways. The season, which centers around the aftermath of the 2016 election, has Ally's fears getting more and more out of control. Among those fears? Clowns. What we know about Ally is that the Ivy she's referring to is her wife, played by Alison Pill. And from the looks of the longer, more plot-focused trailer released last week, Ivy is having a difficult time handling the panic that ensues.

"I know what I saw!" screams Ally in the official trailer, defending her fears. We feel you, Ally. We're already locking our doors and tossing anything that reminds us that clowns exist.