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8 Easter Eggs In Netflix's Holiday Movie Universe

The connections don't really make sense, but hey, that's the magic of Christmas.

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In the old days, Christmas movie fans used to have to scour the cable TV schedules to make sure they caught all their favorite silly Christmas movies when they aired. But now, thanks to the magic of streaming and the power of Netflix, there’s a whole new holiday movie universe right at your fingertips, whenever you want it. Over the past few years, Netflix has become the Santa Claus of silly, heartwarming Christmas movies, adding new titles to its ever-expanding roster each year. And not only do these movies provide endless holiday cheer, but they also have created an interconnected network within the Netflix holiday movie universe.

In case you haven’t caught any of the connections yet, the Netflix holiday movies indeed all exist in one universe, and the movies include tons of easter eggs for devoted fans to find. Some of them are simply moments in which characters from one Netflix holiday movie watch another Netflix holiday movie. In those instances, the characters from the different movies don’t exactly co-exist in the same world, but instead, they just acknowledge the existence of other Netflix movies by watching them. Then, there are other times when the characters actually all exist in the same world and interact with each other, and that’s where things get really juicy.

For the 2021 season, Netflix even made a handy little chart to track all of the connections in its holiday cinematic universe so far.


Read on for a list of all the major easter eggs you won’t want to miss in your Netflix holiday movie viewing.

1. The Holiday Calendar Netflix Search

Things start off nice and simple with this 2018 Netflix holiday movie. At one point when The Holiday Calendar’s Abby is looking for something to watch, she scrolls past A Christmas Prince and lands on Christmas Inheritance. Holiday movie characters, they’re just like us! They, too, scroll through Netflix in search of Christmas comfort movies.

2. The Princess Switch Netflix Search

Similarly, in The Princess Switch, the characters spend some time doing the ol’ Netflix back-and-forth. In this instance, first, they consider Christmas Inheritance, before deciding to watch Stacy’s (Vanessa Hudgens) “favorite” movie, A Christmas Prince. That’s not the only connection between the Princess Switch trilogy the Christmas Prince trilogy, though — but more on that later.

3. The Knight Before Christmas Netflix Search

In the last installment of watching Netflix movie characters watch Netflix movies, Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) spends some time learning about modern life by watching Netflix holiday movies in The Knight Before Christmas. First, he watches The Holiday Calendar, and then he dives deep into Holiday in the Wild.

4. The Knight Before Christmas & A Christmas Prince Aldovian Acorn Connection


This is where the easter eggs start to expand beyond the characters’ TVs and things start to get interesting. In The Knight Before Christmas, one of the characters mentions a special acorn-shaped ornament that was a souvenir from Aldovia. Aldovia also happens to be the name of the kingdom where A Christmas Prince is set, and an acorn ornament that belongs to the monarchy there factors heavily into the plot of the first movie.

5. The Princess Switch & A Christmas Prince Kingdoms

The Aldovian monarchy of A Christmas Prince and the Belgravian monarchy of The Princess Switch apparently run in the same circles. According to a map in A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, the two countries are neighbors.

What’s particularly interesting about this easter egg (and all the connections between The Princess Switch and A Christmas Prince) is that the characters watch A Christmas Prince in the first Princess Switch movie. That must mean that in this world, A Christmas Prince is a documentary that the characters watch about their friends, who they later run into in the sequels. It’s mind-boggling stuff, but the Netflix holiday movie universe is up to the task!

6. A Christmas Prince Royals Supporting The Princess Switch Royals

The royal couple from A Christmas Prince, Prince Richard (Ben Lamb) and Amber (Rose McIver), makes a cameo appearance in The Princess Switch: Switched Again at Lady Margaret’s coronation, along with their baby. Not only are these kingdoms neighbors, but it seems they support each other at their major events.

7. A Christmas Prince’s Count Simon in The Princess Switch: Romancing the Star

There’s yet another Christmas Prince cameo in the third installment of The Princess Switch. Count Simon (Theo Devaney) shows up at a party Romancing the Star and runs into Fiona (yet again, Vanessa Hudgens).

8. A Castle for Christmas’ Guests at the Inn

Finally, in Netflix’s most recent addition to the holiday movie universe, Mrs. Donatelli (Suanne Braun) and Frank (Mark Fleischmann) from The Princess Switch check into the movie’s Scottish inn. There, they sign up for the “romance package,” so it looks like these side characters could be building a Christmas love story of their own.

You can watch these holiday movies and more on Netflix — see if you can spot any other crossover nods!

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