Naomi Osaka met BTS' Suga at an NBA Japan game in Tokyo.

Naomi Osaka Met BTS' Suga Courtside & Their Exchange Was Cute AF

The photo is so wholesome.

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It finally happened: Naomi Osaka met a member of BTS. The beloved tennis player, who’s been a fan of the group for years, shared a photo on Twitter of her talking to Suga at the NBA Japan Games in Tokyo on Sept. 29. The two were sitting next to each other in the stands, so of course, Osaka took the opportunity to speak to the rapper. “lol so I told Suga that autumn leaves is a great song,” she captioned the shot.

Osaka was referencing BTS’ b-side track “Autumn Leaves,” which Suga personally helped write and produce. The song was featured on the group’s fourth EP, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.2, which debuted at No. 171 on the Billboard 200 following its release in November 2015. It marked BTS’ first time entering the chart.

In a follow-up tweet, Osaka said that if she ever met Suga, the “one thing” she wanted to tell him was that she was a fan of the song. “I don’t know why but that was the one thing I made up my mind to tell him if we ever bumped into each other 💀😂,” she said.

Considering Osaka is a longtime BTS fan, the ARMY was overjoyed to see her finally meeting a member of the group. They were especially excited to hear that Osaka took the chance to compliment Suga’s work with BTS. “You're SO REAL for saying that to him,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Autumn leaves is indeed a masterpiece.”

“You did awesome. Thank you for speaking for all of us Autumn leaves enthusiasts!” another said. “You’re an icon and a legend 😭💜,” another wrote.

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Luckily, there’s even footage of Osaka and Suga’s interaction. NBA Japan shared a video of the stars meeting, and while it’s difficult to hear, you can make out Osaka mentioning “Autumn Leaves” before she and Suga shake hands and go their separate ways.

Osaka wasn’t the only celebrity who met Suga that day. In a Sept. 29 Instagram, Stephen Curry also shared a photo with Suga at the game. Suga had a signed jersey in his hands, while the NBA star was given a signed BTS album. “An honor meeting you SUGA!! Welcome to #DubNation,” Curry captioned his post.

It’s awesome to see that so many celebs are also BTS fans!