Miley Reached Out To DaBaby On IG After He Apologized For His Homophobic Rant.

Miley Reached Out To DaBaby On IG After He Apologized For His Homophobic Rant

"Much of my life has been dedicated to encouraging love, acceptance, and open-mindedness."

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While it would have been easy to join the thousands of critics who trolled DaBaby online after his homophobic rant on July 25, Miley Cyrus took a different approach. Cyrus knows that real change is rooted in education, and she took the time to reach out to the rapper with important learning resources. The pop star then made a statement on Instagram about the situation and her reasoning for reaching out. Miley Cyrus' Instagram about DaBaby's homophobic rant says knowledge is power.

Cyrus began by standing in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community. "As a proud and loyal member of the LGBTQIA+ community, much of my life has been dedicated to encouraging love, acceptance, and open-mindedness," she wrote on Aug 4. "The internet can fuel [sic] a lot of hate & anger and is the nucleus of cancel culture...but I believe it can also be a place filled with education, conversation, communication, & connection."

Cyrus’ message then touched upon cancel culture and why she chose to take a more compassionate approach to DaBaby’s problematic statements. "It's easier to cancel someone than to find forgiveness and compassion in ourselves or take the time to change hearts and minds. There's no more room for division if we want to keep seeing progress! Knowledge is power! I know I still have so much to learn!" she said.

The pop star also told DaBaby to check his DMs, indicating he had not yet responded to her message.

DaBaby’s homophobic outburst took place at the 2021 Rolling Loud music festival. The rapper, who collaborated with Dua Lipa on “Levitating” in 2020, made a slew of disparaging comments about the LGBTQ+ community and those living with HIV/AIDS. Dozens of stars spoke out against DaBaby after learning about the comments, including Elton John, Dua Lipa, Madonna, Demi Lovato, and more. After doubling down on his original comments, the rapper was booted from the bill of several other major music festivals and has been yanked by many radio programmers.

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On Aug. 2, DaBaby finally released an apology that acknowledged his comments at Rolling Lous were wrong. “I appreciate the many people who came to me with kindness, who reached out to me privately to offer wisdom, education, and resources. That's what I needed and it was received,” he wrote. “I want to apologize to the LBGTQ+ community for the hurtful and triggering comments I made. Again, I apologize for my misinformed comments about HIV/AIDS and I know education on this is important. Love to all. God bless.” For many, the apology came way too late.

Still, Cyrus seems open to sitting down with DaBaby and having a constructive conversation. Well, if he responds to her DMs, that is.