Matt LeBlanc during the 'Friends Reunion.'

Matt LeBlanc Is Taking Over Twitter For His Irish Uncle Energy In The Friends Reunion

How you gettin' on?


Nearly two decades after the beloved sitcom Friends came to an end, the gang finally got back together. Friends: The Reunion is now streaming on HBO Max, and features all the sweet moments and juicy behind-the-scenes details devoted fans could ever want. But funnily enough, one of the biggest conversations surrounding the special doesn’t have anything to do with the show — it’s all about one star’s big Irish uncle energy. If you don’t believe me, go enjoy these unexpected Friends reunion memes of Matt LeBlanc for yourself.

Of course, one of the most poignant parts of Friends: The Reunion was watching the six main cast members step foot in iconic sets like Monica’s apartment. As the cast recreated a famous charades scene from the original series and reminisced on their favorite Friends memories, LeBlanc’s crossed arms, salty hair, and sensible striped polo made him look more like your favorite uncle than lovable womanizer Joey Tribbiani.

Many fans brought up his strong uncle vibes on Twitter, but according to viewers across the pond, there was something about his demeanor that seemed distinctly... Irish. LeBlanc didn’t just resemble any ordinary uncle — he looked like the average Irish uncle, who’s fond of enjoying pints over a football game and giving his nieces and nephews well-intended but entirely unsolicited advice. So Irish Twitter quickly turned the actor into a meme of their own, and watching him transform into everyone’s favorite Irish uncle is a joy to behold.

Hopefully, LeBlanc will address the fact that he’s Irish Twitter’s new main character soon. But even if he doesn’t, the wholesome jokes are here to stay.

Now that the Friends reunion has premiered and LeBlanc’s recent CBS sitcom Man With a Plan is finished, he likely available for some new acting gigs. So, when will he give the people what they clearly want and star in an Irish comedy already? Ireland will be there for him.