This Movie Edition Of 'Mean Tweets' Puts All The Rest To Shame

by Lydia Mansel

These days, I wake up every morning hoping there's a new Zayn video, a new "Carpool Karaoke" video or a new "Mean Tweets" video.

Thankfully, I got to work this morning, coffee in hand and slightly hungover, and my co-worker, Tina, surprised me with a brand new "Mean Tweets."

This edition, however, isn't just any old "Mean Tweets" segment. This one is all about movies, perfectly timed with the Oscars, which airs this Sunday, February 28.

George Clooney, Eddie Redmayne, Oscar Isaac and Emily Blunt all read the insanely mean and occasionally on-point tweets by the trolls of the Internet.

Just wait for the tweet about Sean Penn at the end. It's unbelievably accurate.