Mark Ballas From 'DWTS' Shares The Perfect Gift…

by Katie Corvino
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It's just about that time again. As we move further into December, stores and shopping centers are flooded with determined shoppers on the mission of a lifetime to find the perfect gifts for family, friends and coworkers.

From clothing and perfume to toys and household appliances, the list of gift possibilities is endless. It's an understatement to say that shopping during the holidays is stressful AF. It can really be a nightmare.

Well, guys, we've got the answer for you right here. Elite Daily got to speak with Mark Ballas from "Dancing With The Stars" and he shared with us the perfect gift to give this holiday season: the gift to quit.

It's hard to find someone today who hasn't heard about the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Mark shared with us he began to smoke as a teen, and after 10 years of committing to this deadly habit, he joined a program to give him the necessary steps and tools to quit smoking. He has been smoke-free for two years now.

Mark believes that quitting smoking is the best gift you can give yourself. He told Elite Daily,

For the holidays, everyone is always trying to figure out their New Years resolution and quitting smoking is always such a big one... people always say 'I'm gonna quit smoking, I'm gonna quit' so 'the gift to quit' is a gift to yourself... you're giving yourself good health and a good life.

Mark grew up in England where, he told Elite Daily, smoking was part of the lifestyle and "very easy to get into." He realized he had to take action when it started to affect his dancing, so he decided to use BluePrint to Quit, a quit-smoking program, and the NicoDerm CQ patch.

He told us,

When I went on the program, it gave me a regime. It forced me to focus. It gave me a goal.

His friends and family smoked too, including his mother Shirley. The two made a pact to quit smoking together and now work with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare to inspire others to do the same.

Mark and his mother both are part of the "What's Your Why" campaign (#WhatsYourWhy) where those who have quit smoking share the reasoning behind their decisions. Mark called the campaign a very "social way to share your story."

Mark has also turned to social media to reach viewers and share his story. On December 3, Mark held a #QuitChat where he answered questions on Twitter about giving up smoking.

Despite growing up "anti-tobacco," many Millenials still choose to smoke cigarettes. It's become a frequent habit for young people to smoke even one or two just for "social purposes." When asked why it's important to speak to Generation-Y about these issues, Mark told Elite Daily,

I always want to encourage young kids not to pick it up. I think a lot of it stems from wanting to look cool... but I think we should make it clear to young people that it's not good for you, it ultimately turns into a massive habit, it can kill you and also burn a hole in your pocket... for me personally, the message to young kids is don't even go there. It's not cool, it's not big, it's not clever... you don't need a cigarette.

If your 2015 resolution is to give up smoking, you can truly make it happen.

There are programs available and step-by-step guides. There are endless stories written on our site by young adults about how their love life, career and personality changed for the better after quitting smoking.

You can get more information on the importance of quitting and how to start right here. Treat yourself this holiday season, and give yourself the gift to quit.

Happy holidays, everyone. Have a safe and healthy season.