Mariah Carey announced the start of the 2021 holiday season.

Mariah Carey Announced The Holidays Are Here In The Most Mariah Way

It's Mimi's time to shine.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

‘Tis the season for listening to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on repeat. No one does the holidays better than Mariah Carey, and thanks to her iconic holiday song, she has become closely associated with the holiday season. Each year, when Halloween comes to a close, Carey immediately kicks her spooky decor to the curb and prepares for a festive holiday season. And in 2021, it looks like she’s about to do it bigger and better than ever. Mariah Carey's video announcing the holiday season was full of glitter and holiday cheer.

Carey shared her festive new video to Instagram and made it clear she was very ready to kick off the holiday season. “Ready? Let’s go!” she captioned her Nov. 1 post. In the video clip, she smashed pumpkins on her doorstop with a candy cane-striped bat. The camera then panned to her sitting by a fireplace with a plethora of presents surrounding her. Carey looked very ready to be out with the old and in the with new and ended her video with an important message. "It's Time!!!," a closing note read. "To smash that pumpkin and treat it as pie...cause we still gotta get through Thanksgiving!!!"

You can see Carey’s video announcing the holiday season below.

The singer also teased something new coming on Nov. 5. Yep, new music from Carey could be on the way. At one point in the clip, the camera panned to a wrapped present with the text “11/5,” although no further explanation was given.

Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” has become a holiday staple, and in 2019, it was played so often, it made its way back to the top of the Billboard charts for the first time since its 1994 release. And as the unofficial holiday queen, it was only fitting Carey kicked off the 2021 holiday season on a high note.