Madlyn and Colby from 'The Ultimatum' revealed their baby's Name, Josephine.

The Ultimatum's Madlyn Gave Birth To Her Daughter With Colby And Revealed Her Name

The Ultimatum baby has arrived!


Oh, baby. After revealing their surprise pregnancy in The Ultimatum's finale Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger welcomed a baby girl on Monday, May 2. They have come a long way to becoming parents and being the only couple to get married from the Netflix reality series, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On — even if the birth happened less than a month after the series aired. If you remember, Colby was the one to issue the ultimatum to Madlyn, who seemed unmoved the entire season up until the proposal and impromptu wedding at the end of the experience. Madlyn shocked fans when she revealed she was seven months pregnant on the reunion episode. As it turns out, she found out she was pregnant three months after the show concluded filming. In a recent announcement, the new parents revealed their baby’s name, Josephine Riley Kissinger, Josie for short.

In a May 6 interview with E!, Colby said Josie is already a mini Madlyn and apparently “looks just like” her. Josie arrived just in time for Madlyn to celebrate her first Mother’s Day, which she revealed would be a poolside barbecue with both her and Colby’s parents, who are meeting for the very first time since they started dating. The lovebirds met at a bar during college and had been together for a year and a half when they went on The Ultimatum.

During the show, Colby was head over heels for Madlyn, calling her his “dream girl,” while she expressed interest in Randall Griffin, who was her partner for the trial marriage. Colby paired up with April Marie, which didn’t work out, but it was clearly for the best. Now, Madlyn and Colby seem happier than ever. “It gave me a whole new sense of confidence and love for myself and for Colby,” Madlyn told E!, reflecting on the pregnancy. “It just totally grew me as an individual and us as a couple.” So heartwarming.

To think that it could’ve all gone down differently; The Ultimatum had high stakes and high rewards. “I definitely think The Ultimatum expedited our little roadmap,” Madlyn said while reflecting on her new motherhood. But she believes “Colby would’ve made it happen regardless.” As they begin the next chapter of their journey as parents, the couple revealed they are also planning another wedding.

This time, “it’d be more like family and friends,” Colby said. “So you’ll get kind of a remake of what y’all saw on TV.” Apparently, Madlyn already has the wedding dress ready to go. While no date has been set, Madlyn hinted at a 2023 wedding. In the meantime, rewatch the first season on Netflix before Season 2 comes out.