Machine Gun Kelly's new Hulu documentary 'Life in Pink' is all about his rise.

The Trailer For Machine Gun Kelly's New Doc Is Emotional, Chaotic, And Pink

And yes, Megan Fox shows up.

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Machine Gun Kelly is a name that’s been on everyone’s lips over the last year thanks to his high-octane music and buzzy relationship with Megan Fox, but there’s far more to MGK than meets the eye. Not only is he a talented musician, but he also has acting experience in movies like Bird Box and The Dirt. Even more impressive, MGK made his directorial debut with Good Mourning, a stoner comedy with a vivid cast of familiar faces like Pete Davidson and Megan Fox (duh). Now, MGK is expanding his cinematic scope with a documentary all about his rise to fame. Here’s what to expect from Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink, which will stream on Hulu very soon.

Hulu dropped the trailer for his upcoming documentary Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink on June 16. From the almost three-minute trailer, it looks like fans are going to get a glimpse into the nitty gritty of the rockstar’s lifestyle and how he juggles his career with being a father to his 12-year-old daughter Casie.

Hulu’s synopsis for the doc teases that it will shed light on all aspects of MGK’s life:

Machine Gun Kelly's Life In Pink is an in-depth look at the dramatic highs and lows of an artist chasing music’s top spot while tackling noise from the outside world, stardom, fatherhood and more. From creating his platinum-selling, Billboard No. 1 album Tickets to My Downfall, to his most recent No. 1 studio album, Mainstream Sellout, this is an all-access pass, that goes beyond the headlines, into the chaotic world of Machine Gun Kelly.

The trailer definitely highlights all the chaos and deeply felt emotion in MGK’s world.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink Trailer

The documentary is going to follow the reality of MGK’s busy life, from sold-out concerts to a high-profile relationship to fatherhood. There seems to be a lot packed into the documentary, especially footage from live shows and MGK’s personal experience with the public reception of his music. “I transferred my own pain into music like, this makes me feel good, but the media chose to write me off,” he says in the trailer. Fans can expect to see sides of MGK that haven’t ever been documented and show his humanity beyond the glamor of fame.

Where To Watch Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink

The documentary will premiere on the streaming service Hulu. There is no plan for the movie to premiere elsewhere, so fans will have to keep their eye on Hulu for the official drop.

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Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink Guest Appearances

By now, the whole world knows that Megan Fox and MGK are obsessed with each other (remember the whole blood thing?) so her presence in the documentary is a no-brainer. She only briefly appeared in the trailer, but will likely be a bigger presence in the film when it drops.

What fans might be more surprised to see is a peek at what MGK is like as a father.

In 2009 MGK became a father to now 12-year-old daughter Casie Colson Baker. It’s evident in the trailer how much MGK cares about his daughter and that she is the center of his world. “People say stuff about my dad, but you only see one side,” Casie said in a testimonial. At one point in the trailer, the rocker even hops onto a plane to make sure he gets to his daughter’s volleyball game on time.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink Release Date

The Life in Pink trailer ended with Hulu promising the doc would be out “very soon.” That’s not usual language for an unannounced film release, which heavily suggests the doc will be dropping any day now.