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More Drama Is Coming With Love Is Blind Season 4

Here's everything to know.


Season 3 of Love Is Blind may have just ended, but that only means it’s time to fill the pods with the next round of romantic hopefuls. Netflix renewed Love Is Blind for not just one, but two additional seasons all the way back in March 2022, so fans can rest assured knowing there is more of the hit reality series to come.

Not only is LIB renewed for Seasons 4 and 5, but both season have already been filmed, too. Host and producer Nick Lachey told Women’s Health that based on what’s been filmed, fans can expect the unexpected. “We've filmed five seasons,” Lachey said. “Every single one has been so different from the others, so that's what makes it interesting, what makes it intriguing for us allows us to approach every single season with a fresh attitude and fresh perspective.”

Although LIB has a less-than-stellar track record of getting its couples down the aisle and married, fans continue to tune in. And, more importantly, contestants continue to sign up for a chance to find true love in the pods. Lachey told Women’s Health he thinks each season’s new contestants are inspired by the standout success stories from previous seasons. “They've seen that it works, right?” he said. “There's proof in the pudding. It worked in Season 1, and it's worked since, so I think there's something good about that.”

Here’s everything to know about Season 4 of Love Is Blind.

Love Is Blind Season 4 Predicted Release Date

The official release date for LIB Season 4 hasn’t been announced yet, but fans can make some educated guesses. The first two seasons of the series each premiered in the month of February, so there’s a good chance Season 4 will drop in February 2023. Since the whole season has already been filmed, it shouldn’t take too long for the new episodes to premiere.

Love Is Blind Season 4 Cast

Sara Mally/Netflix

We don’t know much about the Season 4 cast of LIB yet, but Lachey said fans can expect a lot of diversity in the casting for the upcoming season. “There is quite a bit of diversity in the casting,” he told Women’s Health. “I do think that they've done a good job of trying to cast diversely and will continue to. You'll see that in Seasons 3 and 4 and 5.”

Love Is Blind Season 4 Updates

Each season of LIB takes place in a different U.S. city, and the location for Season 4 hasn’t been revealed yet. A local Seattle blog reported seeing LIB filming in the city, so there’s a good chance the Pacific Northwest will be the Season 4 locale.

You can check this space for more updates as more details about LIB Season 4 are confirmed.