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Micah Lussier and Natalie Lee from 'Love Is Blind'

Micah Lussier Addressed Natalie Lee’s Claim She Was “Not Very Genuine”

“She should’ve given me a little grace.”

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Since being branded a “mean girl” on Season 4 of Love Is Blind, Micah Lussier has faced a lot of criticism — even from some fellow LIB alums. On March 27, Natalie Lee (who appeared on Season 2 of the show) went on her podcast with Deepti Vempati to discuss the latest season, including rumors she heard about Micah. The speculation was... not so flattering, and Micah addressed the podcast commentary during an April 12 interview with Entertainment Tonight.

ICYMI, on her Out Of The Pods podcast, Natalie said that a few in-the-know sources told her some tea about Micah and Paul Peden’s relationship. “At least on her end, it’s not very genuine, in terms of her intentions being on the show,” Natalie claimed.

Responding to those comments, Micah told ET, “I think that she should’ve taken the time to talk to me or Paul before saying something like that. I mean, she knows... she went through this experience. She knows how things can be portrayed or feel. I’m sure she went through the same thing with Shayne [Jansen]… I thought that she should’ve given me a little grace, especially with something that’s so incredibly untrue.”

Even so, Micah was not sure she’d ever go on Natalie and Deepti’s podcast herself to clear things up. “I would consider it,” she explained. “At this point, if things aren’t going to be checked and sourced, it doesn’t give me a lot of hope that it’s something I’d want to put myself in. If I can’t believe in where this information is coming from, why would I want to subject myself to that?”


During the interview, Micah also addressed her current friendship with Irina Solomonova. (On the show, the two had a confrontation when Micah learned that Irina had been flirting with her fiancé Paul.) So, where do they stand now? Micah got emotional talking about it. “I don’t know why I’m such a mess,” Micah told the interviewer, after she started crying when Irina was brought up. “Talking about it out loud is just, like, emotional.” (Micah later mocked herself on TikTok for “crying through an entire interview” with another outlet.)

According to Micah, the whole situation with Irina — even though it went down a year ago — did “hurt” her. “At the pool party, maybe [her touchiness with Paul] wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t doing God knows what,” she said, before adding, “It did hurt me because I felt like she was, you know, my closest friend at the time.”

Since then, the two seemed to have made amends, at least to an extent. “We still talk,” she said. “I think we both need to work on ourselves, just like everyone else, but hopefully we can help each other through that.”

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