'Love Is Blind's Laura responded to critics who claimed she was being hypocritical.

Love Is Blind’s Laura Said Critics Are “Wildly Misreading” Her

She’s not wrong.


Laura Dadisman isn’t here for the haters. On Season 6 of Love Is Blind, she is a bit of a controversial figure, and some fans have even accused her of being a hypocrite. Here’s why Laura maintains that the critics are “wildly misreading” what went down on the show.

A little catchup: After getting engaged to Jeramey Lutinski on the show, Laura found out he was still pursuing another contestant, Sarah Ann Bick. (This involved Laura tracking Jeramey’s Apple Watch and realizing he spent the night with Sarah Ann.)

The sitch earned Laura some sympathy from viewers, but others felt she wasn’t being totally fair given how she she behaved earlier in the show. Only a few episodes prior, Laura seemed to encourage castmate Jess Vestal to meet Jimmy Presnell in person, despite the fact that he was engaged to someone else.

As one Instagram commenter put it: “How can you encourage Jessica to contact Jimmy, when in the same breath you’re upset Sarah Ann contacted your [fiancé]?” Laura took to her comments section to respond. “Seems like you’re wildly misreading that scene,” Laura wrote. “I NEVER, nor would I have ever, encouraged Jess to contact Jimmy. I simply answered the question ‘Do you think he would want to see me’ (aka at the lake party).”


In the actual scene, Laura didn’t necessarily tell Jess to seek out Jimmy. Instead, she just told Jess that she thought Jess “meant a lot to him,” and she confirmed that he’d probably like to see her. (That’s not exactly helping her draft a flirty DM to meet up with him, so her point stands.)

In comparison, Sarah Ann DMed Jeramey, asking him if he was reconsidering his decision. Then, they met up to talk, and he spent the night at Sarah Ann’s place. (Note: Sarah Ann and Jeramey both said they *only* talked during this secret rendezvous.)

At the lake party, Laura made it clear that she wasn’t feeling forgiving. “My point of view is: Do I have respect for her? Absolutely not. Do I think that she has respect for other women? Absolutely not. Do I think she’s selfish as hell? Absolutely,” she said. “But he’s the one that made a commitment to me. He’s the one that owed me something.”

In a different IG comment, Laura promised that there would be more tea to come. “I will be sharing receipts and timelines as soon as I can,” she wrote.