Fans have theories about Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Renslayer in Loki Season 2
Here Are All The Big Loki Season 2 Theories So Far

The chaos will continue.

by Ani Bundel
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Fans were thrilled when Marvel announced Loki is getting a second season, and not just because the series was the first one in the streamer’s stable of MCU shows to be granted another installment. Unlike WandaVision or The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, fans won’t have to wait for big-screen films to find out what happens next in Loki. Instead, Loki will stick to the small screen for brand-new adventures. But with so many loose ends left in the show’s Season 1 finale, there are also tons of questions left to be answered. These Loki Season 2 theories cover some of the most significant points of speculation.

Warning: Spoilers for the finale of Loki Season 1 follow. With Jonathan Majors’ arrival as He Who Remains, Loki finally made good on the MCU’s unspoken promise that significant figures from future big screen projects will turn up on Disney+. A variant of Kang the Conqueror, this “Kang Who Remains,” if you will, had conquered the timeline and was holding it hostage to a single stream of events. This way, he was preventing a more bloodthirsty version of himself from running amok.

Unfortunately, Sylvie didn’t see it that way. As far as she was concerned, his benevolent dictator act was just as cruel and stifling as any that existed in a universe where free will and free multiverses could exist. So she killed him.

But it doesn’t sound like that was the best course of action. As he died, he told Sylvie, “See you soon,” and as Loki discovered back at the TVA, he wasn’t kidding. After this shift in the timeline, a new version of Kang was running the joint, and he didn’t hide behind Time-Keepers.

So what now? Let’s dive into the main theories.


Loki’s In A Whole New Universe

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The most obvious of the theories is that Loki is now in a new timeline or multiverse. This theory was seemingly confirmed by the reaction his colleagues had upon seeing him. Neither Mobius nor B-15 recognized him; they asked if he was an analyst and then called security on him. Clearly, Loki is going to have to start all over again with befriending Mobius. (At least maybe he can make a good impression on B-15 this time?)

But what fans also noted was that Mobius and B-15’s failure to recognize Loki went beyond them not knowing him as “their” Loki. They didn’t even recognize him as a Loki variant. Considering Lokis were the most common variant, that either suggests they don’t know which Loki variant they’ve hired... or there are no Loki variants in this timeline.


Sylvie’s On The Run For Killing Kang

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If there are no Loki variants in this timeline, then what happened to Sylvie? Here’s where things could get complicated.

There is the distinct possibility that Sylvie has lived out a happy life without incident in this world of free will. But let’s be real, Kang isn’t about to let anyone who murdered him — even other variants of him — live for very long. After all, if she can kill one Kang, why not more? Chances are Sylvie discovered that life did not significantly change in the free will multiverse from the one she knew before and is likely once again on the run from the TVA. Good thing she’s experienced in this department. And, as the person whose actions caused the appearance of this new timeline, she’s the only other person in the multiverse who remembers what happened in Season 1, which makes her someone Loki will be desperate to find again.


Renslayer Will Become Kang’s Girlfriend

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Fans were waiting all season to see Ravonna Renslayer announce she's Kang’s girlfriend, which she is in the comics. But when the series revealed that the Kang in this universe was He Who Remains, it began to make sense that Renslayer hadn’t found her man yet — after all, he was the Kang who could be her man, not her actual Kang.

But with the real-deal conqueror now large and in charge (or at least large in his TVA statuary), fans are convinced Ravonna will turn up in Season 2 as the woman Kang falls head over heels for. The only question is whether she’s a different variation from the new timeline or the one who went looking for Kang from Loki’s timeline.


The Loki Variants Will Continue

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One of the delights in Loki Season 1 was meeting all the different Lokis the multiverse could spin out, from Classic Loki to Lokigator to President Loki. Whatever happens in Season 2, fans are confident that more chaos will lead to more Lokis. However, whether they are variations of the ones already introduced from another multiverse, the same ones who survived Season 1, or a whole host of new Lokis who invade this potentially Lokiless landscape remains to be seen.


The Multiverse’s Opening Changes Everything

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Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe never reveals what’s coming until it’s almost already here, titles like Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness have hinted strongly for quite some time that Phase 4 is going to get weird. Just how weird has been a matter of debate, but fans are already seeing the possibilities that opening up the multiverse can bring. After all, if there are multiple multiverses, then there are numerous versions of every character, and cameos could get silly. No wonder Dr. Strange told Thor that Loki was a threat to the universe. He just failed to mention which one.

Moreover, the opening of the multiverse — if that’s what happened in Loki Season 1 — also affects certain characters more than others. Perhaps Thor might not notice if there are several of him staring back in the mirror, but others are far more multiverse-sensitive, as it were. For instance, Wanda, who is a living, breathing nexus being, would undoubtedly be affected. Could her children’s voices suddenly echoing in her ears across space and time at the end of WandaVision be because Sylvie opened the door between universes for them to call?

All episodes of Loki Season 1 are now streaming on Disney+.