Lizzo is starring in a Super Bowl LVI commercial for Google and it features an unreleased track.

Lizzo Dropped A New Song In Google's Powerful Super Bowl Commercial

This song is definitely going to be stuck in your head.

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is the best time of year to see your favorite celebrities let loose in fun, witty commercials. In some cases, musicians drop a new song solely for a big-budget ad, like Megan Thee Stallion and Charlie Puth recently did. And now, Lizzo is the latest artist to drop a new tune in Google’s Super Bowl 2022 commercial. On Feb. 10, the tech giant announced the goal for the ad, which shows off the Pixel 6 camera, and explained why the partnership with Lizzo just made sense. Her song in the powerful Super Bowl commercial is an unreleased track, so it’s definitely a must-listen for all Lizzo fans.

The one-minute commercial showcases Google’s Pixel 6 camera with the launch of Real Tone: a new imaging tech on the phone that accurately represents all skin tones caught on the camera. While the ad features a collage of portraits taken with the Pixel 6, Lizzo’s unreleased song “If You Love Me” plays simultaneously.

On Sunday, Feb. 13, the ad will run during Super Bowl LVI where fans can catch a tidbit of Lizzo’s song “If You Love Me.” The commercial kicks off with a few pop-up portraits of real people captured on Pixel 6’s camera and then Lizzo’s voice comes to the forefront when she sings, “Cause if you love me/You love all of me/Or none of me at all.”

Then, right on cue, we see an image of Lizzo herself in the center of the screen.

“The goal is to raise awareness about the lack of image equity in camera technology,” read a Google statement sent to Elite Daily. “And demonstrate Google’s efforts to build a camera that highlights the nuances of all skin tones.”

With Pixel 6’s initiative to represent people of all skin tones accurately, Google explained Lizzo was the perfect person to star alongside the message. “We partnered with award-winning artist Lizzo, who truly embodies the spirit of our campaign by always being her authentic self, unapologetically,” Google shared in a blog post. “Her powerful vocals as the soundtrack bring “Seen on Pixel” to life with a preview of her new song, ‘If You Love Me.’”

Make sure to catch Lizzo’s unreleased track when the commercial airs on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 13.