Leonardo DiCaprio Reveals Why He Gave Lady Gaga That Side Eye

It's confirmed: Leonardo DiCaprio is officially an easily startled, precious baby deer.

One of the funniest moments from Sunday night's Golden Globes was when Lady Gaga accidentally bumped "The Revenant" star on her way to accept her award for Best Actress in a Limited Series, and Leo had the best/weirdest reaction.

Seriously, I can't stop laughing. What's up with that side eye, Leo???

After the show, he reportedly laughed and told "Entertainment Tonight" he was really just startled by the brush. He said,

Oh lord – that's trending, huh? I just didn't know what was passing me, that's all!

Oh, Leo, you talented, innocent lamb. You spend months in the depths of nature eating raw bison liver, yet a casual bump from Gaga makes you jump a foot out of your chair. *shakes head fondly*

To be fair, he was probably wound up on the edge of seat all night wondering if he would get Best Actor and jump the first hurdle in finally getting his Oscar.

I believe in you, buddy. This year's gonna be your year.

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