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10 Times Lena Dunham Was Everyone's #WomanCrushWednesday


The fifth season of HBO’s “Girls” premieres in just a couple weeks, and fans are growing impatient for the return of Hannah, Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna.

The series, created by all-around cool chick Lena Dunham, is one of the realest we’ve ever seen, and viewers are going to be at a loss when it comes to a bittersweet end following its sixth season.

Fortunately, we still have two seasons to go until that fateful moment. In honor of the show’s upcoming release, I’ve compiled a list of all the times creator Lena Dunham proved to be the ultimate #WCW.

Check them out below and tune in to “Girls” February 21 on HBO.

1. When she spoke out for women’s rights:

2. When she rocked this ~glam~ fur coat:

3. When she got honest about mental health:

4. When she used her power to join the campaign trail (she's team #Hillary, if you can't tell):

5. When she shared this perfect photo and made us wish “Girls” would never end:

6. When she proved every body is a “beach body”:

7. When she proudly let her freak flag fly:

8. When she opened up about her battle with endometriosis:

9. When she wore a shirt covered in naked Lena Dunhams:

10. When she proved she was the best BFF ever: