Behind-The-Scenes Video Proves 'Left Shark' Knew Halftime Show Routine

The "Left Shark" from Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show has become infamous for screwing up his dance routine.

It seemed clear he didn't know the proper steps and was nowhere near as on his game as the "Right Shark."

But, a new video came to light showing what may very well be the "Left Shark" practicing his moves before the big game. And he seems to have them down.

Then again, I'm only basing this on the title of the video, which is, in fact, "Left Shark." This could just be a ploy by the "Right Shark" to protect the honor of his comrade.

Or, in all likelihood, it's just some rando who bought a similar shark costume and decided to shoot a dancing video.

The world may never know.