Lady Gaga Dresses Up As Lady Gaga Drag Queen In 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Prank

by Anna Menta

Lady Gaga will make a surprise appearance on this season of "RuPaul's Drag Race" — disguised as herself.

So if you weren't already excited for the ninth season of "RuPaul" well, get excited, bitches! (Sorry.)

Even though the show doesn't premiere for two weeks, on Friday, March 24, we got a sneak peak at Gaga's cameo thanks to Conor Behan, aka Twitter user @platinumjones.

Conor got an early look at episode one at VH1's premiere party on Tuesday, and like a true comrade, he shared the wealth with the rest of us.

In a 30-second clip Conor posted to his Twitter, you see a drag queen dressed up in a Gaga-inspired outfit and wig.


It's hardly the first Gaga drag to be on "RuPaul."


Then it cuts to the interview and reveals the face behind the drag is a 30-year-old named "Ronnie" from New Jersey.


Except it's clearly Lady Gaga.


She says, "I'm really excited to see how long it takes for these queens to figure out it's really me."


The clip cuts off before we find out how long it takes, but I'm sure everyone was very surprised when they realized.


Of course, we already knew Gaga would be making an appearance of some sort in this upcoming season, thanks to that short promo that dropped right after her Super Bowl halftime show.

Gaga tells the contestants,

May the best woman win!

RuPaul even appeared on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday and revealed a few details of what fans can expect from the the Gaga-filled season premiere.

The model said,

She's on the show opener. It is so much fun, everyone is going to love it … She started in New York City clubs, like myself, she started around drag queens and the downtown culture so she felt right at home.

Yaaaas, Gaga!