Kylie Tells Paparazzi She's Marrying Tyga And We Can't Tell If She's Joking

All the Kylie-Tyga breakup madness just took a confusing turn.

After the American Music Awards on Sunday night, the reality TV starlet answered “yes” when asked by a paparazzo if she was going to marry (ex?) boyfriend Tyga.

Talk about a bombshell.

The likeliest explanation for Kylie's sudden wedding announcement is simple: She's being sarcastic. After all, she and Tyga only broke up last week. Even if they were hanging out again, it's unlikely they'd jump right into marriage.

Nonetheless, several clues point to a more complicated answer.

First, several media outlets reported Tyga was planning to propose to Kylie at his birthday party last week (y'know, the one she and the rest of the Kardashian Krew were noticeably absent from).

Then, there's the fact that Tyga was with Kylie when she dropped the marriage bomb on the paparazzi, so it's clear they're spending time together. What's unclear is if they're spending time as friends, or as a betrothed couple.

And finally, after her radio silence on Tyga's birthday, Kylie posted a video to Snapchat showing her and her maybe-bae partaking in an intimate belated birthday celebration, which suggests they're still close.

So what does it all mean?

I have no idea. But if I had to guess, I'd say Kyga is back on -- or maybe, they were never off.

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