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Kylie Jenner Might Have Broken Up With Tyga Because Of A Stripper

The year of breakups rages on as 2016 draws closer and, hopefully, brings an end to all the heartache.

Kylie Jenner reportedly dumped boyfriend Tyga like a bag of moldy-ass oranges when she walked in on him FaceTiming a yet unidentified stripper.

While the story is still unconfirmed, King Kylie was MIA during Tyga's 26th birthday blowout at The Nice Guy on November 19.

Kylie also avoided posting a birthday homage to her boyf on Instagram, which is noticeably out of character for the social media queen and the PDA-heavy couple.

Can no love survive in the wasteland of broken promises that is 2015? Never give up hope.

JK. We all gon' end up alone by December 31.

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