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Kylie Jenner Says Her And Tyga Are 'Still Together' And 'Hanging Out' (Video)

Kylie Jenner guest stars on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this coming Monday, November 30, during which she gives the people some very elusive inside scoop on her relationship with rapper Tyga.

Rumors were flying this past week that Jenner and Tyga had called it quits after he spent his birthday celebrating with strippers. Kylie and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan were allegedly not pleased.

Said rumors were put to rest after Sunday's American Music Awards, however, when Kylie and Tyga appeared on the red carpet together holding hands.

The "KUWTK" star also subsequently gave fans a preview of 26-year-old Tyga's ongoing birthday celebration on Snapchat.

This Monday, tune in to see Ellen at least attempt to give Kylie the third degree about her relationship with the rapper, saying,

I don't know what's going on. All I hear is that you're with Tyga, you're not with Tyga ... What is it? Straighten it out.

Eighteen-year-old Kylie giggles at Ellen's prodding and avoids answering each question with obscure responses, like "STOP!" and "no."

In the video below, watch Kylie try to explain to Ellen that her and Tyga are just "hanging out."

We're not broken up ... We became best friends before anything happened, so I think that that's awesome. And we're just, like, I don't know hanging out ... We're still together.

Ellen's response is so hilariously accurate, as she tries to understand the reality TV star, joking,

What does that mean, hanging out? ... Didn't he buy you, like, a car or something? ... Stay with him! He bought you a car.

In response, Kylie assures Ellen, "I know."

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