Kylie Jenner's swim line is being dragged on TikTok for being "poor quality."

Kylie's New Swim Line Is Getting Dragged Hard By People Who Bought It

The customers are not holding back.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner has a hit makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, and usually, anything she releases with her name on it turns to gold. However, it looks like her highly anticipated swimwear line isn’t impressing her customers as much as her fan-favorite matte lipsticks. After the lineup launched on Sept. 17, as customers began receiving their orders, they did not hold back about their feelings. Here’s why Kylie Jenner’s line is being dragged on TikTok for its quality.

As you can imagine, tons of fans awaited their deliveries of Kylie Swim and held their breath as they opened them up. And what should have been an exciting moment to try on their new bathing suits turned out to be disappointing for some. So why all the fan complaints about the swim line? The TikTok video reviews and tweets include photos of bathing suits with unsewn portions, bottoms that are way too sheer, and overall poorly sewn seams with stitches that look like they’re coming out. Among the captions and comments like “Don’t bother,” “the way it keeps getting worse,” and “Kylie, bestie I’m afraid to tell you this” with the hashtag #scam, it’s clear no one had any qualms about calling out the brand for its poor quality.

“I wish you could feel this nothing of fabric right now. Like it is not double-lined,” said one TikToker.

One fan tweeted, “Kylie Swim scamming folks with these cheaply made swimsuits for $80,” before adding, “@SHEIN_official has [a] better quality for a quarter of the price.”

Another fan revealed their experience on TikTok, saying, “I wasn’t expecting the material to be so thin that it just shows everything,” adding that she wouldn’t record herself in the suits because they are “just not it.” Similarly, another TikToker said that the bottom “really doesn’t cover anything.”

And, no surprise here, another TikToker said the Kylie swimsuit she got is “the most sheer thing ever.”

One fan said the promotional pictures far outweighed the actual product she received:

And a lot of women are dragging the small measurements of the crotch area of the bottoms:

Jenner’s swim line is getting so many complaints about its quality, sheerness, and measurements, and they’re all over TikTok and Twitter.

Kylie Swim is charging $40 per separate or $80 for a full suit, and fans aren’t happy about the cost to quality ratio, and they’ve made it abundantly clear.

Jenner has yet to address the issue since fans began trending these complaints on TikTok and Twitter, but here’s hoping someone on her team handles the situation moving forward. While the promo photos for the swimwear looked bomb, it seems like Kylie Swim is in line with Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour merch — another upsetting case of expectations versus reality.