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Fans Are Pissed Over Olivia's New Sour Merch's Terrible Quality

What they got is not what was advertised.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Olivia Rodrigo fans are so proud of the music she’s making, they’re incorporating her debut record, Sour, into their wardrobe. Fans rushed to buy the Sour-themed merch Rodrigo released earlier this year including earrings, T-shirts, bracelets, and more. While the photos had them so excited to receive their purchases in the mail, the reality of what they received was disappointing for some. Olivia Rodrigo's Sour merch is getting dragged by fans on Twitter.

What, exactly, was wrong with Rodrigo’s merch? A lot, as it turns out. Fans shared images of crop tops that weren’t cropped, numerous items with the Sour logo misspelled, and hats that didn’t fit. They shared a number of “expectation versus reality” pics on Twitter, and while they love her music, they had no problem calling her out for the low-quality merch.

“So my friend got #OliviaRodrigo merch and one of them say ‘sur’ instead of sour like HELP WTF she waited 2 months for a bracelet that said ‘sur’,” one fan tweeted. “Sour merch arrived and i am TERRIFIED to open the package,” another fan wrote.

Even Rodrigo’s most devoted fans had little patience for the poor-quality items they’d received. “Waited since May to get my merch and I RECEIVED AN EARRING THAT ISNT EVEN SPELLED RIGHT??. I’m SOO mad rn,” one tweet read.

Another fan pointed out the material used for the shirts was “so bad.”

It seems Rodrigo’s team is well aware of the issues because soon after, some of the problem products were stripped from the site.

Many fans requested their money back or canceled their orders after seeing the photos floating around online.

Rodrigo hasn’t addressed the issue directly, so it still remains to be seen how her team will handle the merch fiasco moving forward. But the dodgy merch is a reminder that what you see on the internet is not always what you get IRL.