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There Are Some Brutal Lyrics On Olivia's New Album That Fans Think Are About Joshua

Joshua's might be feeling... sour.

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After months of anticipation and lot of "Drivers License" singalongs, Olivia Rodrigo's debut album is here. Sour hit streaming services on May 21, and it's packed with musical magic. In addition to her singles like "drivers license,” "deja vu," and “good 4 u,” Rodrigo blessed fans with eight brand new tracks. And while she promised there wouldn't be very many love songs on the record, all bets were off when it came to heartbreak. The album is filled with songs about betrayal and jealousy, which has fans thinking some lyrics are about Rodrigo’s ex, Joshua Bassett.

Rodrigo first announced on April 13 her full-length album would be coming in May, and it sent fans into a full-on freakout. After the hype behind her first few songs, fans couldn't wait to hear what else Rodrigo had up her sleeve.

"My debut album SOUR out may 21st ahhhhhhhh," Rodrigo captioned her Instagram announcement. The cover art showed the singer covered in a display of floral and butterfly artwork on her face.

Now that the album is finally here, fans are speculating about a number of the lyrics on Sour. Of course, we already knew that several verses from "drivers license" were speculated to be about Bassett.

"Got my driver's license last week/Just like we always talked about/'Cause you were so excited for me/To finally drive up to your house," Rodrigo sang in one verse. The theory incited a Twitter storm, but fans believe there's even more lyrics about Bassett sprinkled into the album.


In Rodrigo’s song “traitor,” fans speculate she’s singing about Bassett betraying her by moving on from their relationship so quickly, presumably to date Sabrina Carpenter. Rodrigo sings, “And ain't it funny how you ran to her/The second that we called it quits?/And ain't it funny how you said you were friends?/Now it sure as hell don't look like it.

“1 step forward, 3 steps back”

In this song, Rodrigo sings about a partner who sometimes loves her and sometimes seems to hate her. The lyrics go, “'Cause it's always one step forward and three steps back/I'm the love of your life until I make you mad/It's always one step forward and three steps back/Do you love me, want me, hate me?/ Boy, I don't understand.”

“enough for you”

This is the seventh track on Rodrigo’s new album, and it’s all about Rodrigo not feeling like enough for an ex. She sings, “You found someonе more exciting/The nеxt second, you were gone/And you left me there cryin', wonderin' what I did wrong/And you always say I'm never satisfied/But I don't think that's true/'Cause all I ever wanted was to be enough for you.”


This song is about Rodrigo acknowledging her ex moved on and hoping they’re happy now, but not happier than when they were with her. The lyrics go, “We broke up a month ago/Your friends are mine, you know, I know/You've moved on, found someone new/One more girl who brings out the better in you.

“favorite crime”

In “favorite crime,” Rodrigo sings about heartbreak once more. Some of the lyrics go, “Know that I loved you so bad/I let you treat me like that/I was your willing accomplice, honey/And I watched as you fled the scene/Doe-eyed as you buried me/One heart broke, four hands bloody.”