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Kylie's Extravagant Private Jet Food Menu Is A Lot To Take In, Y'all

I didn't know they serve mahi-mahi on planes.

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Kylie Jenner is living the high life... literally. It seems like the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is always jet-setting off to somewhere new, and, most times, she’s doing so via her private jet. Jenner’s stylish pink jet has become a well-known fixture on her social media pages, and fans love catching a glimpse of the plush interior. Recently, however, they learned more about just how luxurious a trip on the jet really is. Kylie Jenner's private jet food menu is what dreams are made of.

While most people choose between peanuts or pretzels for their in-flight snack, Jenner is treated to a meticulously curated menu of gourmet dishes. It was actually Kris Jenner who shared the menu to Instagram, and the endless grub options will leave you baffled. For starters, there’s tomato bisque, chicken salad, lentil soup, and orzo pasta listed as appetizers.

From there, the jet’s menu only gets more extravagant. The meals, prepared by an on-board catering service, include Chinese chicken salad, seared mahi-mahi with pineapple mango salsa, and a spinach ravioli dish with butter sage pesto.

Instagram/Kris Jenner

Jenner bought her jet sometime in 2020, per Page Six. According to a source for the outlet, she spent an estimated $50 million to $70 million on the plush private plane. Initially, she decked it out for her daughter Stormi’s birthday party, but the jet has seen many different celebrations since.

What other amenities does the jet have? It’s a long list. The plane has a master bedroom so Jenner can get some shut-eye on long trips, and it has multiple bathrooms so she’ll never have to wait. It also boasts a fully-equipped entertainment suite, a gallery, and a rest area for her hardworking crew.

It’s understandable Jenner would prefer to fly private seeing as paparazzi are always staked out at public airports. It’s safe to say she’s flying in style while doing so.