Entertainment — Kylie Jenner's Best Instagram Posts Drawn With Her Lip Kits

Artist Jessie Bearden is putting down her usual method of art, which is drawing celebrities with food, and utilizing a new medium: Kylie's Lip Kits.

And what is the best way to make the most of those famous Lip Kits? Drawing Kylie's most famed Instagram posts using only the kits. We asked Jessie if she was up for the challenge, and she graciously accepted. The results were fantastic.

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Of course, it is no secret Kylie's Lip Kits have been in the news recently, and not for the best reasons. The Better Business Bureau gave Kylie Cosmetics an F rating. Kylie is not one to stay complacent and quiet when it comes to her passion project, either.

Kyle addressed the atrocious rating on her app and defended the issues the BBB had touched on. PEOPLE reported the BBB has now changed her rating from “Failing” to “No Rating.”

Now that that issue is resolved, we can move on to important things… like how amazing Kylie's Instagram is. Kylie's Instagram is a staple in the pop culture community. It's not surprising for news stories to be based solely around what she Instagrammed that day.

For example, there was this Instagram of her on-again, off-again boyfriend Tyga, clearly sending a message the two are going strong despite conflicting reports (sorry, Blac Chyna).

Of course, no one can forget the Instagram Kylie posted when she graduated from high school and Kris threw her and Kendall that amazing, star-studded party. That Instagram alone received over 2 million likes.

Or how about when Kylie dropped that amazing music video to promote the new Kylie Cosmetics glosses? The mug shot that appeared on her Instagram to accompany the video will go down in social media history.

We decided to combine the two things Kylie is most famous for (besides her lips) and create some awesome art. Kylie fans unite!

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