Is The Kylie Jenner And Blac Chyna Feud Officially Over?

They grow up so fast!

Kylie Jenner may only be 18, but in the space of a few days she's declared she's moving in with Tyga, and now it appears her feud with Blac Chyna is finally over.

The pair used to go at it on social media, making their fiery relationship very public -- because you know how they love the drama (and so do we, TBF).

Wednesday, however, they posed shoulder-to-shoulder for a sassy Snapchat post:


A source told E! News, "Kylie and Blac Chyna have gotten close and actually have confided in each other about many things. Blac Chyna can relate to Kylie the most out of all the sisters."


But if you think about it, they really have no other choice but to get along. I mean, their lives are linked in every way: Kylie's seriously dating Blac's ex with whom she has a child, and Blac is soon to have a baby with Kylie's brother, Rob.

Don't worry, guys, I'm sure the shade-throwing will return with force -- the above is a recipe for big-time drama to come.