Kylie Jenner Is In Hot Water For Appropriating This Hairstyle Again

by Anna Menta

Despite her many critics last time she donned cornrows, Kylie Jenner apparently hasn't learned much about cultural appropriation.

On Thursday, the 18-year-old white reality star posted an Instagram selfie with her hair braided into cornrows, a traditionally African hairstyle.

Many of African descent consider cornrows to be an important symbol of their culture.

That is why many also consider Kylie in cornrows to be "cultural appropriation" — she appropriated, or took, this important piece of culture for her own.

This is not the first time Kylie's claimed the hairstyle under the Jenner name.

Almost a year ago, she posted a nearly identical Instagram and received criticism for her cultural appropriation.

In the comments of that Instagram post, critics such as actress Amandla Stenberg explained it was not the hair itself that was problematic.

Instead, it is the idea of white women picking and choosing pieces of black culture to take without supporting or acknowledging the black women in their struggle against racism.


Apparently, Kylie was not affected by the criticism she faced from Amandla and many other black activists at the time.

Once again, people have taken to Twitter to express their concerns.

black women never get the credit they deserve Kylie Jenner DID NOT start #Wigs or #Cornrows or #BigLips and Kim k DID NOT start big bums — ya girl lyn (@averagelyn) June 17, 2016

At this point, it seems Kylie just doesn't care what black women and other activists of color think and feel. Sigh.

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