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Kristin Cavallari Is Against Boyfriends Following “Random” Girls On IG

“It’s a respect thing.”

Kristin Cavallari has some guidelines for social media when it comes to men in relationships. The Let’s Be Honest host discussed the topic during a June 4 episode of her podcast — and she has a hot take on who your boyfriend should (and should *not*) be following. According to her, once you get in a relationship, he should be hitting the unfollow button.

“Social media brings out the worst in people, and I think that these guys — if they’re following a bunch of random girls — it gets tricky,” Cavallari said on her podcast, where she often discusses dating and relationships. “You want a guy who is going to unfollow the girls when you get into a relationship. I think that’s important because it’s a respect thing.”

Cavallari, who is currently dating Mark Estes from the Montana Boyz on TikTok, acknowledged that some men wouldn’t agree with her. “I think a lot of guys are like, ‘I don’t even think twice about it,’ because guys are bombarded with girls in bikinis and sh*t all day long,” she added. “There’s probably a lot of truth to that. They’re kind of desensitized to it, and it’s just like scrolling or whatever.”

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Still, according to Cavallari, it all comes back to respecting your SO. “It’s a respect thing for your girlfriend or your wife,” she continued. “Maybe my ego is a little bit involved where it’s like, I don’t want my boyfriend to follow a bunch of random girls [who can say], ‘Oh, Kristin Cavallari’s boyfriend follows me. He watches my Stories.’ Like, no, f*ck you. I don’t like that at all.”

Per Cavallari, she doesn’t only feel this way because of her status as a public figure. “I don’t just think that because people know who I am,” she added. “I don’t want any girl to be able to be like, ‘Oh yeah, her boyfriend looks at all my sh*t.’”

Cavallari encouraged her listeners to adopt the same mindset. “We should all go for the guys who are f*cking man enough to unfollow these girls and make you feel secure in a relationship,” she said. “That’s how it should be. Otherwise, f*ck these guys, man. There are plenty of fish in the sea.”

After Dear Media (Cavallari’s podcast network) shared a clip of her hot take on IG, Cavallari clarified her social media rule. “I don’t mean all the girls 🤣 I mean random girls that they don’t know who post bikini pics etc,” she wrote in the comments of the post.