Kris Jenner Swims To 'Trap Queen' In This Video, And She Looks Amazing

We can officially nominate Kris Jenner for the "Coolest Grandmother in America" title now, right?

I mean her résumé is simply unmatched.

She's five-for-five in giving birth to daughters who command international attention.

She owns the cougar life via an interracial relationship (or, should we say, engagement?) with a man more than 20 years her junior, and her Wikipedia bio is about the only thing indicating she's 60 years old.

And now, she moonlights as a video vixen in a pool we have no other choice but to assume is her private Fountain of Youth.

Yes, this is Kris Jenner to Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen." Told you, coolest grandmother in America.