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It Looks Like Kris Jenner Is Wearing A Massive Diamond Engagement Ring (Video)

Uhhhhh, did Kris Jenner get engaged?

A day after Kylie Jenner broke the Web by chilling out in a gold-plated wheelchair, she may have broken it a second time, potentially, accidentally, possibly revealing Kris Jenner is engaged.

Notice anything interesting, massive and shiny about Kris' hand in this Snapchat?

Dang! Is that like a 4-pound diamond?

There is no official announcement or anything just yet, but if this is, in fact, an engagement ring, it's safe to assume it was given to her by boyfriend Corey Gamble, who, at 35 years old, is 25 years younger than Hollywood's most famous matriarch.

Did you think we weren't going to notice that massive stone strapped to your hand?

Soooooo, Kris, spill the beans! Are you off the market or what?

We'll update as this story develops.