Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's sex life sounds intense.

Kourtney Revealed Major Details About Her & Travis’ Sex Life

Including that time they got caught.

Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic/Getty Images

When it comes to PDA, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker aren’t exactly known for their subtlety. The duo has made out on practically every red carpet — and they’ve posed for their fair share of feet-centric pictures, to boot. During Vanity Fair’s lie detector test, which was posted on Dec. 15, Kourtney opened up about their sex life — and it sounds like she and Travis are just as kinky as you’d imagine.

For the polygraph test, Kourtney was interviewed by Khloé Kardashian, and Khloé seemed determined to get all the dirt. (A true woman of the people.) She asked Kourtney, “You and Travis love to do this [make out] on the red carpet. True or not true?” Kourtney replied, “Yes. Just anywhere — red carpet, the grocery store, at home.” Then, they got into the really juicy stuff.

“Have you guys ever been caught doing the deed?” Khloé asked. “In our home?” Kourtney clarified. Surprised, Khloé followed up, “Have you been caught outside your home?” Kourtney replied, “Yes... you know about it.” And “nope,” Kourtney doesn’t regret the public intimate moment one bit.

Then, Khloé got into the question of fetishes. “Do you have a foot fetish?” she asked Kourtney. “I don’t, personally,” Kourtney answered. Khloé’s follow-up question — “Does Travis have a foot fetish for your feet?” — got a different answer, though. “Yes,” Kourtney eventually confessed. However, she added that she has no fetishes that are “wildly crazy.”

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Although other fetishes might not be completely off the table for this duo, Kourtney confirmed they were not, in fact, “furries” (people who enjoy dressing up in animal costumes, sometimes as a sexual fetish). She told her sister, “The closest would be Halloween.” Apparently, for Halloween 2021, Kourtney and Travis had sex in character, which was Alabama and Clarence from True Romance. “Oh, I can only imagine what you guys were doing last year, then,” Khloé replied.

Appearances may be deceiving, but in this case, Kourtney and Travis’ sex life sounds exactly as creative as everyone — even her sister — expected.