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Shanna Moakler actually had a very legit reason for shading Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian's ...

Shanna Kinda Has A Good Reason For Shading Kourtney And Travis' Costumes

Is it really true romance?

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Seeing your ex fall in love with someone else is never easy — especially if you start noticing similarities between your previous relationship and their new one. (There’s a reason Olivia Rodrigo’s “deja vu” was such a hit.) Nobody knows this better than Shanna Moakler. In the time that she and Barker were together, they shared a lot of things: three kids, a reality TV show, and a serious love of Quentin Tarantino’s 1993 film True Romance. As it turns out, Barker and Kourtney Kardashian also love the movie, and they even dressed as the film’s main characters for Halloween. Suffice to say, Barker and Kardashian’s True Romance costumes hit a nerve for Moakler — and her shady response to them actually makes so much sense.

First, a little background on the True Romance drama: Halloween was not the first time Kravis mentioned the movie nor was it the first time Moakler acknowledged that. In May 2021, Moakler told Us Weekly that she thought the situation was odd. “What was weird is that they were posting about a movie [True Romance] that Travis and I basically bonded over. I called him Clarence [because of] the movie. We named our daughter after the character Alabama in the movie,” she explained.

The film also inspired Moakler and Barker’s wedding day. “I walked down the aisle to ‘You’re So Cool’ from True Romance. Our first dance at our wedding was to the love song from True Romance,” she added at the time.

So when Kravis dressed as True Romance’s Alabama and Clarence on Halloween, it seemed like quite the move — no matter how amazing the couples costume turned out.


And the weirdness factor only went up from there; Later, Barker quoted “You’re So Cool” in Kardashian’s comments section... *and* she replied by referring to Barker as Clarence. Oof.


Unsurprisingly, Moakler was less than thrilled. Responding to fans’ comments on her own Halloween Instagram on Oct. 30, she said that seeing Kravis’ costume was like being on “an episode of punk’d.” In another comment, she reportedly said, “the whole thing is embarrassing at this point,” per Cosmopolitan.


Then, on Nov. 1, Moakler took to her IG Stories to highlight her idea of True Romance: her parents. And she added “You’re So Cool” to the background for emphasis. (Petty queen.)


Tl;DR: Moakler actually has a valid reason to be upset over the True Romance costume, even if her shady IG comments are not the move. Whether or not Barker really is “recycling” parts of his past relationship with Kardashian (as Moakler claimed in May), it seems like Kravis is totally happy together. We can’t wait to see what kind of costume Moakler dreams up for Halloween next year.