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Here's What We Imagine Kourtney Kardashian And Lindsay Lohan Talk About

Did you hear the news? Lindsay Lohan and Kourtney Kardashian are BFFs now.

Apparently, they've been friends for a while, even though no one remembers them ever hanging out except for maybe at Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' wedding in 2011.

But as we all know, actually having a legitimate relationship doesn't matter when it comes to Hollywood best friends!

Which I guess is why Lindsay Lohan went ahead declared Kourt her official "twin" in this Instagram post.

She also made sure to get that #theparenttrap hashtag in there for those nostalgia likes.

And it's not just Lindsay who's doing it, either. Kourtney's clearly on board with this "twin" thing, if her Snapchat is any indication.


OK, can someone please get these ladies a dictionary so they can look up the definition of "twin"?

Fine, Lindsay Lohan and Kourtney Kardashian are friends now. I can accept that. People make new friends.

But TWINS? BFFS? They hung out ONE time!

I can only imagine what their conversations sounds like. In fact, I made these fake texts so you all can imagine it with me.

First of all, they would fail so hard at nicknaming each other.

Anna Menta

Like, they would fail SO HARD.

Anna Menta

Lindsay and Kourtney trying to make plans together must be a disaster.

Anna Menta

And gift-giving would be even worse.

Anna Menta

At least she tried?

Anna Menta

OK, Lindsay and Kourt. Congrats to you both on finding your long-lost twin.

Anna Menta