Kimmy Gibbler's Boyfriend Duane From 'Full House' Is Unrecognizable Now

by Katie Corvino
Warner Bros Television

When I think of relationship goals, I think about Kimmy Gibbler and Duane from "Full House."

Oh come on, you remember Kimmy's boyfriend. He was such a talkative guy, how could you forget?

He was everything and more I could ever want in a man: quiet and agreeable.

Whatever Kimmy wanted, Kimmy got. She could suggest the most ridiculous idea and her bae would respond "whatever."  MEN, TAKE NOTES.

Yup, Duane was the entire package. Also, check out those good looks. DAMN, D.

Warner Bros Television

So what's this hunkalicious baby boy up to now? Well, the actor who played Kimmy's love interest is all grown up and totally unrecognizable.

I'm serious, my mind is actually blown. Say hello to Scott Menville, AKA Duane, AKA WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY?

Only kidding, Scott. I love you so much.

Scott is actually best known for voicing Robin on "Teen Titans."

It's kind of funny he's a voice actor when he only spoke one word on "Full House."

Whatever. Check out Scott at Comic-Con back in the day. WE LOVE YOU SCOTT! I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN.

Thank you for the laughs, Duane. I'll never forget you and everything you brought to my favorite TV show.