Here's What Kim Kardashian Did To Lose 7 Pounds In 2 Days


So, what's Kim Kardashian's deal? How is she able to shamelessly admit her sporadic fast-food cravings, spend her time perfecting fried chicken recipes and still find a way to stay fit?

As people everywhere stuff their faces with leftover goodies from Fourth of July parties -- like Chrissy Teigen's -- there's only one question left for them to ask: How exactly did Kim Kardashian lose seven whole pounds in just two days?

According to E! News, some sources speculate that the 35-year-old starlet had her appearance in Fergie's new music video digitally altered to look in-shape.

However, Kim's haters would probably be livid to learn her fit figure is all thanks to a new fitness regiment she's been living by (with a little help from her corset). An inside source tells E! News,

Kim also owes credit to her GQ shoot where she graced the cover of the magazine's 10th annual Love, Sex, & Madness issue.

In a past interview with WWD, she revealed,

I'm sure her midnight cravings for chicken nuggets and Chipotle didn't help!

So, ladies (and some health-concious gentlemen), what's with that whole "7-pound weight loss in just two days" thing?

Work out twice a day, get some cardio time in, hit a pilates class and watch what you eat -- like a hawk (or Kim K).

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