Kim Kardashian posted a photo with Karlie Kloss after Taylor Swift released her 'TTPD' diss track.

Kim Posted A Pic With Karlie Kloss After Taylor’s New Diss Track

Who’s Aimee, again?

Kim Kardashian isn’t hiding from the “thanK you aIMee” comments, or so it seems. On April 19, Taylor Swift released The Tortured Poets Department, and fans were surprised to find that Joe Alwyn didn’t seem to be the main source of inspiration. Instead, a lot of the tracks seemed to be about Matty Healy with a couple of notable exceptions. Specifically, “thanK you aIMee” seemed to be a shady ode to Swift’s public dispute with Kardashian (especially since she capitalized “KIM” in the title).

Following the song’s release, Swifties flooded Kardashian’s comment section with references to the diss track. Although Kardashian hasn’t addressed the song directly, she did post a telling selfie in the aftermath of the drama: a photo with Karlie Kloss.

OK, so the photo wasn’t *just* with Kloss. On April 22, Kardashian shared a throwback pic of herself, the VS model, Derek Blasberg, and Khloé Kardashian in honor of Blasberg’s birthday. (Per E!, the original photo was taken back in 2022.)

If you’re not up to date on the Swiftie lore, Swift and Kloss went from BFFs to practical strangers. They were close from 2012 to 2018, but seemed to have a falling out around the fall of 2018 — since then, Kloss has maintained a friendship with Kardashian and Scooter Braun, both of whom have beef with Swift.

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Swifties even think Kloss got a shoutout in “It’s Time To Go” on Evermore: “When the words of a sister come back in whispers / That prove she was not in fact what she seemed / Not a twin from your dreams / She's a crook who was caught.”

All that’s to say, Kardashian’s choice of photo was *interesting*, considering Swift released “thanK you aIMee” only three days earlier. “i cant believe kim posted this i need to sit down with someone well versed in the taylor swift cinematic universe this has LAYERS,” one fan responded to the picture on X, formerly called Twitter.

“Kim Kardashian sharing a two-year-old photo of her and Karlie Kloss to her story four days after Taylor Swift dropped a song about her is SOOOOO rich...we are SOOOOOO back,” another Swiftie tweeted.

But other fans took the picture to signify something else. There’s a new theory that the code “KIM” was a red herring to distract fans from the song’s real inspo. “i dont understand what is so complicated to understand about thanK you aMIee being a red herring and the song being towards karlie (in MY opinion) like why would she said no one will know who this song is about and then put it in the title,” one Swiftie pointed out on X.

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Another user hypothesized, “kim really said oh do you really wanna make people believe a song about karlie is about me? BET (this is an old picture so the message is pretty clear).” (TBH, nothing about that seems “pretty clear,” but I digress).

Meanwhile, some fans think a different song could be Kardashian’s real diss track: “Cassandra.” One fan tweeted, “Everyone’s been so focused on Kim in thanK you aIMee that they’ve completely skipped over the shading of the entire Kardashian clan in Cassandra.” In one part of the song, Swift sings about how “they filled my cell with snakes,” aka the Reputation symbol, so this theory holds some merit.