Kim Kardashian Posted A Pic Of Her Cleavage To Celebrate National Selfie Day

As the most shameless among you may already know, yesterday was National Selfie Day.

Kim Kardashian West, the patron saint of auto-photographical content, came in juuuust under the wire with a selfie to honor the faux holiday on Tuesday evening.

The reality star posted a pic to Instagram, reassuring fans she'd never forget NSD.

Her angle of choice? CLEAVAGE SELFIE, Y'ALL!

Classic choice, Kim. Classic choice.

Cleavage selfies are a favorite of the 35-year-old, but she's renown for her commitment to selfie diversity and, above all, volume.

Now, we reflect briefly on Kim's recent contributions to the world of selfies.

Mirror Selfie: The Foundation of the Art Form

Video Selfie: A Contemporary Twist on a Picture of Your Face

Mommy Selfie: Because She Has A Kid, Now

Yeezy Selfie: Where Art and Commerce Collide

Valentino Selfie: He Is Still Alive, Go Figure

Wig Selfie: The Importance of Documenting Different Looks

“Selfish” Selfie: Cataloguing Your Selfies for Public Consumption

Pregnancy Selfie: Because She Has Two Kids, Now

Military Selfie: Where Did Y'all Get Your Hats?

Gym Selfie: Prove Your Superiority

Beach Selfie: Prove Your Superiority

Engagement Ring Selfie: Prove Your Superiority

Butt Selfie: How Else Will Anyone Know You Have One?

And the pièce de résistance…

Nude Selfie: When You AND Chloë Grace Moretz Both Need Press

Selfie novices attempting any of the above, be warned: This is more than just a hobby.

LOL, JK. This is bullshit. You'll be great at it!