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Kim Posted A Cryptic IG Quote About Love And Happiness After Hanging With Kanye

You could almost forget they're divorcing.

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Khloé Kardashian is the queen of sharing cryptic quotes online, but she might have to watch her crown. Kim Kardashian shared one of her own on Aug. 23, and it has fans scratching their heads. Many think Kim Kardashian's cryptic Instagram about happiness may be about Kanye West.

Despite their split in February, Kardashian and West have remained on good terms. They easily came to a custody agreement, have been successfully co-parenting their children, and have continued to show support for each other’s careers. Still, divorce isn’t easy, and fans think Kardashian may be cryptically expressing her feelings about the split with her new post.

"Time is too valuable to be wasted on anything less than love, good vibes, & happiness," Kardashian’s post read.

Seeing as the post came just after she and West reunited for lunch in Malibu on Aug. 19, her followers think it has something to do with her ex. The pair’s rocky relationship seems to have taken a positive turn as of lately, and Kardashian was even seen jamming out to new tracks from Donda in her car.


Kardashian and West officially filed for divorce on Feb. 19, and it seemed like the pair had completely moved on. West was romantically linked to model Irina Shayk for three months, and reports surfaced claiming Kardashian was entirely happy for them. Now, after West’s recent split from Shayk, it’s hard to tell where he stands with his ex-wife. At the very least, they seem to be amicable exes.

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One thing’s for sure: Sharing cryptic quotes is entirely out of character for Kardashian. She usually leaves that to her sisters, and has even shaded the act of sharing quotes online.

"People who post lots of quotes have major issues lol. I can't take all the quotes in my feed. Twitter is ok but IG is for pics!" she tweeted in October 2014.

Tides have turned for Kardashian, and it seems she has no problem dropping a little inspo in between her selfies and bikini pics.