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Kim Kardashian Wants You To Decide The Name Of Kanye West's Next Album

Remember when Kanye West announced his next album, SWISH, would drop February 11?

And remember when he decided to change the name to WAVES, and Wiz Khalifa voiced his objection, causing 'Ye to go into a Twitter tailspin about his self-declared OG-ness?

Well, it's possible 'Ye realized, as Wiz eloquently put it, he is not “wavy.” Or the rapper has had another last-minute change of heart.

In either case, Kim Kardashian-West has polled Twitter to ask fans what the name of her hubby's next album should be:

For the record, the apparently as-yet-unnamed record is supposed to drop in TEN DAYS.

Shouldn't all the CDs (Are CDs still a thing? Am I old?) be made by now? Or at least the cover design be printed? No? Kanye? I'm confused.

All I can say is I've been waiting two goddamn years for this album and if it gets pushed back any further, 'Ye is going to have to answer to more than just Wiz Khalifa.

That is all.

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